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The Installation. 

"The Livingroom"

Room or two identical rooms (wall to wall, mirrored) furnished like middle-class living rooms in Nazi-Germany. 

There are different options, depending on the exhibition-space.


The installation is pluridimensional: smell, sound, tactile photoalbum... The artworks, fabrics, wallpapers, sculptures, videos, carpets etc. are handmade and created by the artist for this purpuse. Wallpapers, dorrs and windows are ephemeral and will be set up in situ. 

Parallel reality #1:

"Falsified Propaganda"  Blond and blue-eyed wishful thinking. My father as another german raw model.

Parallel reality #2:

De/nazified objects.  Reviewed interiour and decoration from the 40's.

Parallel reality #3:

"Edited memory" My father’s photo album and papers in new versions.

Parallel reality #4:

"words don't come easy", Video.

Vaterlandschaft (paternal landscape)

floating sculpture

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